Whats overburn?

I bought a new burner, PHILIPS 1648… its great, it has solid burn… and one of the features that my old samsung didnt have, (I think) is overburn… I had a few coasters today, using philips 16x -r,s… so I slowed the write speed down to 8x… this seemed to do the trick… but on options it has allow overburn… can someone tell me what this means?

thanks… Caz :smiley:

Overburning is burning more data to a disc than it says it has capacity for. I believe it’s only doable with DVD+R and BenQ/Philips writers aren’t the greatest at it. I wouldn’t think it would be an advertised feature.

Are you sure you didn’t mean overspeed?

Na… It says “allow overburn”!.. im not gonna use it though!.. i just didnt know what it was … thanks…

Interesting, what is “it” and where does it ask you this?

Overburning generally applies to CDR only.
Most burners cannot overburn DVD+R, and DVD-R discs cannot be overburned at all.

At any rate, overburning is not an optimal way of archiving as there is no guarantee of quality beyond the nominal capacity of the disk.