Whats outside your window

This is what i see when i look out of my bedroom window…just thought it would be interesting to see what other CDFreaks see !

?? cant see

A noisy main road.

look again (had to resize)

Nice! Outside my window about 200 meters is StarCity!

My neighbours.

Sorry about the poor pics. My camera dosn’t want to deal with sunlight today.

Pic one is to the left of my room and pic 2 is to the right of my room. Hopefully this will give you a nice 180 degree picture minus the middle witch is all sea.

very nice womble:)

Great view. I’m a bit jealous (sorry neighbours). :iagree:

Hey Womble suns out what you doing inside?! (wish I lived in a place like that)

Unfortunatly on my day off I have a number of things to finish off. Always happens. Stops raining and I have work to do.

Nice Womble… although I can’t see any ladies sun bathing out there… :smiley:

Outside my window? Which one? View from the kitchen, living room or hallway? Or would you like the view from my computer room, guest room, my own bedroom or the battub?

well i picked my bedroom window just because its the only one i can take a good shot from without bumping into trees…so its up to you what window you choose

i have some pictures taken when i was on the rooftop, perhaps that’s a good compromise :slight_smile:

My wife want to visit you now Norty… :o

Why jealous? Aren’t ya home “Close to a lake”? :stuck_out_tongue:

she loves England and other women…lol

oh my :o :o :o :o

All around the windows, just parking places. Hundreds of cars.