What's On Your Mousepad?

So, everyone, what’s on your mousepad??

This, actually…is not my question. It comes from my girlfriend’s curiosity. Looks like we might have a female interested in CDFreaks here fellas. I know there aren’t many women on this forum. So let’s have it…what’s on your mousepad?

My girlfriend wants to start it off by saying she has one of Saturday Night Fever. I personally have a plain, gray mousepad. It highlights my boring personality. :wink:


the burning experience


I have a plain black mouse pad with a CASE LOGIC Gel-Eez Wrist Rest.


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the burning experience

:smiley: [/B]

Same here, just the standard cdfreaks mousepad.:bigsmile:

My vintage mid 90’s Duke Nukem 3D mouse pad that came w/ the PC game of the same name. It has been used as a mat to serve 2 trackball mice, the retired MS one and the current Logitech one. It has also served a couple of optical mice, including the current top of the line Logitech MX700, and the MS Intelli Optical. Still in good shape. The surface graphic is still very clear, but the edges of the pad are showing wear.

My mousepad is a A4 paper I taped to my desk, so I can write on it…

I change it every week or so…

Never used one :slight_smile:

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the burning experience

:smiley: [/B]

Have this one at work…at home I have a black one with a gel pad for my wrist…

whats a mouse matt?

Since two weeks i have a Logitech MX700 and need no mouse mat.

Before i used a mousemat made for promotion of a product i’m busy on. Before that i used on of my 4 Sun Microsystems mouse mats.

I use a blue mousepad when I’m working with the computer I use most. :slight_smile:
Otherwise I use pieces of paper or nothing at all.

Mouse Pad… Sorry, don’t know what does this means… :wink: I have a blue ‘thing’ which is supposed to be my mousepad. I bought it 3 years ago for 1 €… You can start making the image on your brains :slight_smile:

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Never used one :slight_smile:

Me too!:bigsmile:

right now it says dell, but after i dust this weekend, we are going to the smiley face. all hail the smiley face.

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[B]My mousepad is a A4 paper I taped to my desk, so I can write on it…

I change it every week or so… [/B]
you’re a genius!! i mean, really!! i never thought something this cool!! when i have to write something down (pretty often…) i write it on the desk itself… :rolleyes:

btw, back IT: i have homer jay simpson eating donuts :cool:

Of course the official CD Freaks mousepad.

93.6 MHz
in Utrecht”

(mouse pad from one of the very few good Dutch radio stations)

Mine says:

13 19 01

Got it from Perth Royal Show last year. It was free :wink:

I don’t use mousepad, feels unnecessary when you have a trackball :slight_smile:

You dont really need a mousepad for an optical mouse. I just use a plain red one that is mostly used for stabbing with my pen or resting my wrist.