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Okay, let’s look at some facts. Everyone knows that DVD2One can do movie-only. From the main page of DVD2one, this is their top-of-the-list idea for their future version of DVD2One.

  • Ideas for future V1.x versions:

    Full disk copy. For those who want to keep those fancy menus and intros.

Now, everyone also knows that DVD95Copy can do 1:1 or Full disk copies. From the Updates page at DVD95Copy.com, here’s their #1 future option.

  • Future updates:

    Option to create a movie only DVD-R without menus and specials

and also a recent quote from DigiMedic, author of DVD95Copy, on movie-only feature.

This option will be available pretty soon!

It is already implemented and in beta testing phase.
When everything runs without problems, it will be released public.

Soooo… DVD2One will try to do 1:1 and DVD95Copy will try to do movie-only. Both sides have one man working on their software. Who do you think will put out their new version first? It’s almost so obvious.


2COOL you’re right once again!DVD95Copy has made huge improvements.IC already exists.CloneDVD will be released very soon.So,the authors of DVD2one should be more worried and careful…
As for DVD95Copy I personally hate phone-home software!Also I can’t download a WORKING DEMO from the website.I don’t like to buy software that haven’t test them correctly before…


Good things come to those who wait. Erwin has stated quality is priority. I think we will all be pleasantly surprised with the next release. Maybe 1:1, split to two and better video quality all in one. Wouldn’t that be something. But until then I will wait…


Well to be honest, the dvd95copy software is very impressive, but i think there is a market for all three, (dvd2one IC and dvd95)
I think that given the quality that dvd95 makes, i see no reason to make dvd´s without the main menu and extras.The software was released a little early in my opinion, but man it was worked hard and fast to get rid of the bugs, and its now at a stage where 99% will be happy with it.Its a shame that the demo does not work for most, but support is mostly working on existing customers to make sure there probs are solved.


I want to alert anyone who’s making a choice right now.

DVD95Copy’s latest version now includes a “phone-home” requirement (or more accurately “mail-home”) that includes a machine ID – and a new serial number may be required every time you make a significant change to your system (new processor, repartition, new mobo, O/S upgrade, new hard drive, etc.) – if you’ve ever worked with one of these types of registration schemes in the past or understand its implications in the future you know why it may be best to steer yourself toward DVD2one or InstantCopy.

I personally am adamantly against these types of “Big Brother” registration schemes… but my opinion is just my opinion…


Here’s what’s on my mind. The registration process with dvd95copy kinda sucks but the support is excellent. I am all about support. The author of dvd95copy frequently visits the board and communicates very well with his customers. There have been frequents updates to the software also. From what I gather on this forum the dvd2one team does not openly communicate with their customers. Once again, I am all for support and communication. Dvd95Copy in my opinion has made there ideas become reality.



I agree with your opinion but I only wish you could have the opportunity to try out the full current version as I have. I know the demo department sucks right now but after more a few threads of confidence, I felt it was the time to check the full version out. But if I bought the program, I liked to have great tech support from them in case I had some serious questions that haven’t been asked and they have been very good in that department. The author has very good communications with his customers.

Have you found yourself looking at a certain software on the shelf reading the box many times but you felt it it had some interest but you don’t buy it because it’s your nature to be cautious with your money? No problem about that. Then the next time you go, you find yourself doing the same thing again and again. You asked creditable friends and researched it alot on the internet and you find it way more good than bad. Then you go about life thinking what could’ve been everytime someone talks a success story or when you just didn’t like your last backup. You wished a little more. To me, by overcoming the financial paranoia, it just comes to faith and I took my leap of faith and never regretted it. In fact, DVD95Copy surpassed my expectations.



For all I know this could be the best software ever developed since time began – not owning it I can’t give a good opinion (I did try the original demo, though, and really wasn’t that impressed).

I also can’t provide an opinion on the customer service. I get the impression from a lot of sources that DVD95Copy’s support it good.

But I have to stand on principal. This licensing method sucks, especially from a mom-and-pop developer who may or may not be there to provide your next registration code. (has anyone NOT noticed the number of dot-com companies that fold every month). I refuse to contribute to the perpetuation of a product that uses it.

I wish he understood that this method always results in a net negative. Lots of legitimate buyers will walk away and not buy the software (like I did). But he will not gain a single sale from the pirates he’s so concerned about. At the very best they will just see it as a challenge and break it anyway.


Originally posted by jdobbs
[B… I wish he understood that this method always results in a net negative. Lots of legitimate buyers will walk away and not buy the software (like I did). But he will not gain a single sale from the pirates he’s so concerned about. At the very best they will just see it as a challenge and break it anyway. [/B]

Exactly! :wink:

You will never stop piracy, just make it a bit harder is all. I was very interested in trying this soft but have given up after problems with the cruddy demo. Anyways, looks like I need not concern myself with any of that as DVD2one takes yet another giant leap with 1:1 copying this week.

It’s not let me down yet, and if I’ve wanted to do 1:1 I just use IC 7. At least I was given the chance to demo the exact software I was going to buy before I parted with my hard earned.