What's on your desk?

I have a lamp, my computer and it’s partners in crime(of course), a hair clip, two ink pens, and my cell phone…oh and some dust bunnies.

Two Keyboards and monitors, replaytv, 2 DVD recorders, 2 DVD players, remotes speakers and a mug of coffee.

^ I Like your new avatar :clap:

Err …
A 24" Widescreen LCD Monitor.
A 15" 4:3 LCD monitor.
2x wireless Keyboards and 2x wireless mice.
1x Speaker volume control.
1x clip on Table Lamp with CFL lamp.

Arr … now what shouldn’t be there :wink:

1x Power supply block for an External USB/FW case.
1x Soundblaster Audigy ZS PCI.
1x USB extension cable.
1x red SATA Cable.
1x Netgear WG602 802.11G Wireless A.P.
1x small Jar of screws with clip on yellow plastic lid.
1x yellow envelope with 2yr old payslip.
3x empty CD case.
1x blue Asthma Inhaler
1x Purple Asthma inhaler
1x 22g Syringe of Arctic Silver Ceramique.
1x spare wireless mouse.
1x Blue Pen
1x Sharpie
1x pair of nail clippers with nail file.
2x Usb flash card readers
2x USB 802.11G network adapter sticks.
1x Bluetooth (v2) USB stick with antenna
2x USB mini-extension leads
1x Boxed CD-Version of UT2K4
1x Set of mini screwdrivers.
3x DVD’s with various Divx Movies (converted from DVD).
1x Leather case for a defunct (and discarded) USB 2.5" HD enclosure.
1x Enclosure screws for 5.25" enclosure
1x Thumbscrew for my Main Computers Case.
1x empty DVD/CD spindle.
1x CD/DVD spindle lid.
1x unsorted Pile of mixed mail, CDs/DVD’s/Cases.
1x A4 blank pice of paper (now discarded) with

 00:12:0 Multimedia Audio controller Creative Labs Audigy
 00:12:1 Audigy Gameport
 00:12:2 Audigy firewire port
 SND_emu10K1 could not be loaded

scrawled across it.

1x layer of dust in various places.
1x Electoral Roll - Change of Address form & “No postage stamp required if posted in Oz” return envelope.
1x spare stand for generic Netgear network hub/switch/AP/router/etc.
1x stapled receipt/return notice for a pair of “Windsor Smith” shoes which fell apart after just 7 days of wear.

Uh. 2 desks side by side.

Desk 1:

A container with pens in it

Desk 2:

Lexmark AIO
Cable modem
1 spindle of CDRs
1 ink cartridge
Way too much paperwork

Quite a bit of dust on both of them. :o

Mines actually a multi-tier Desk. ^^^^ is just the main … err… bench …
It’s kind of scary what’s in the next two shelves up :expressionless:

CCRomeo - Thank you :slight_smile:
debro - That is errm a lot of stuffs.

^ I looked under my bed only found major dust bunnies :sad:

There’s no room under my bed so I know she’s not there.

On the desk huh? I have a desk and a table side by side with a couple of computers underneath. On top I have a 19" lcd, a HUGE SGI 19" crt monitor, two sets of speakers, a scanner, a film scanner, two keyboards, a router, a dsl modem, a couple of dvd cakeboxes, a wireless mouse and a wired one, an av input dongle from one of my capture cards, the wireless receptor for my mouse, and two sets of headphones.

Stuff that shouldn’t be there: various bits of paper trash, pencils, a closepin, two drywall screws, old golf scorecards, a phonebook, bills, a box of thin cd/dvd cases, about 4lbs of dust, and a couple of cups. One other item is my bag of almond M&M’s, but it seems to disappear quickly.

Major Dust bunnies everywere (ironing & dusting wast of time)
Flat screen monitor
HP all in one (printer scanner)
Remote mouse
Glass Ice Bucket filled with pens & whatever.
100 tier CD stand .
Note book (that you write in)
piles of paperwork newspaper
scraps of paper in holder
lens cleaning tissues
isopropyl alcohol
cotton rags (old tshits cut up )
Sennheiser HD 432 Headphones.(if they not on my noggin)
bluetooth (my sons cell)
Camera & cable & charger
Reading Glasses
empty Cd boxes ,plastic sleeves,
small bowl of VENCO dropmakers ,Dubbel Zoute drop my kids dont eat them :clap:
PC Game (must go back to whoever my son got it from ,wont instal):bigsmile: :bigsmile: one less Game on PC means more time for MoM.
lifted pile of papers saw handcream.
I have been known to sort myself out sometimes.:wink:

Jeez Diane, and us girls are meant to be the tidy ones (I’m not tidy either) :bigsmile:

Had to read this line twice before I realized what it [B]really[/B] said. :eek: :eek: :o

LOL! Well, you never know evil grin :bigsmile:

It’s that new hat I tell you. It scares me! :eek: :eek:

PC monitor, keyboard & mouse :slight_smile:
at least 100 burned DVDs and 50 blank in cakebox
14" Philips portable TV
one of my old computers (Speccy, C64, Amig… I am switching them :wink: )
parallel cable for file transfers between Amiga 1200 and PC :bow:
at least 10 pens and soft permanent pen (for CD & DVD)
few magazines and books (Stalin’s biography :a )

19 inch LCD and 17 inch LCD.
2 wireless keyboards and mice (the ones that eat AA batteries) :stuck_out_tongue:
Canon scanner
4 speakers
A couple of Noctua 12cm fans which i was supposed to fit to the PC this week :o
Asus P5K manual which was supposed to be put away for safe keeping.
A hairbrush and a small mirror.

Hehe, awww, gotta move those bunnies, I am there :stuck_out_tongue:

Too much stuff! :eek:

Well thats just the desk top :bigsmile:
My bed is right next to computer .double bunk no matress on top within arms reach from chair .Can easly compeat with debro whats up there :eek:
we are not mentioning the floor now :stuck_out_tongue:
Nice to lie in bed when when its cold and watch DVD`s with remote mouse under duvet :cool: :bigsmile:


I have an old (but very comfy) futon next to my PC … and a tallboy full of computer junk as well :wink:

whats on my desk?
way way waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much crap :o tomorrow I’ll be cleaning/organizing it

1x monitor
1x keyboard
1x mousepad
1x wireless mouse
1x mouse receiver
2x speakers
1x tv remote
1x paperweight
2x stacks of movies
2x 50pc spindles of blanks
1x stack of ~10 empty slim cases
1x phone
1x phone headset
1x usb flash drive
1x SD card
3x N64 games I’m attempting to ebay
1x summit racing catalog
1x folder of old receipts I need to go through
1x cellphone car charger
1x rca cable
2x PC games
2x printers
1x tube tx-1 thermal compound
1x ream of paper
1x phone basestation/answering machine
1x pair of sunglasses with case
1x pair of backup glasses with case (is the nerdyness showing through yet :stuck_out_tongue: )
1x roll of packing tape
1x stack of post-its
1x pen
1x pair of pliers
1x package of coax ends
1x cd tray for printer
1x nearly empty beer bottle
1x coastered dvd being used as a coaster for said frosty beverage :doh:
several other coastered/discarded dvds
lots of misc paperwork

wow, I think thats it, I’ll update if I find more crap under this layer of crap when I clean it tomorrow :eek: :stuck_out_tongue: