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Whats new with version, just wondering. And when you first install clone cd it was active in the active icons bar in the lower right. And had a couple more options. But i exited out of auto start and it hasn’t come back since. Do i have to reinstall to get that feature back. Or is there some other way to bring it back. I’ve checked all the menus but no solution.

To get CloneCD back as a Tray Icon, go and click on CloneCD Tray (found in Start/Programs/CloneCD menu). Once it redisplays in the lower right, right click on it and then click on Autostart in the menu so that it will be there every time you boot up your computer.

If you can’t find the CloneCD Tray program in your menus, then open up Microsoft Explorer. Go to the directory where you installed CloneCD, usually C:\Program Files\Elaborate Bytes\CloneCD. There you’ll find the program CloneCDTray.exe. Double-click on that to display the CloneCD tray icon.

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Whats new with version, just wondering
Version May 23, 2002


[ul][li]Better setting of read speed for non-MMC-compliant drives
[/li][li]Improved Audio extraction speed with several drives
[/li][li]License Agreement is now able to accept empty lines from Locale Editor
[/li][li]Log Window is now faster and can hold more entries
[/li][li]Progress Window shows estimated remaining times greater than 2 hours as “Unknown”
[/li][li]AWS could accidently become enabled in Japan/USA
[/li][li]AWS state will be shown in Japan/USA (should always be off)
[/li][li]All default profiles tweaked for better performance[/ul]CCDDriver.dll

[ul][li]Support for new writers added
[/li][li]Allow RAW-DAO write simulation with newer Plextor drives
[/li][li]Allow RAW-SAO with newer ACER/BENQ and ACCESSTEC/OPTORITE drives[/ul]ElbyCDIO.dll

[ul][li]Open and Close Target is now Thread-Safe
[/li][*]Added API for SafeList handling[/ul]