What's new in firmware 1.04 8th (NEC 3520)?

Anybody know what are the improvements of the 1.04 v. 8th firmware? I know bitsetting is disabled and riplock too… But what about speed, medias and burning quality?

Check the firmware site. See link below.

Is this firmware from NEC? It is not on their firmware pages.

NEC 3520 was sold with this new firmware. Forum reader mailed it to me :slight_smile:

Just got my NEC 3520A from newegg yesterday… saw your post and checked my firmware… i have 1.04

How do you check your version? I am having trouble with my drive writing anything. Have updated the IDE drivers and Nero, still having write problems. Gets from 5 to 30 percent then just gets ‘stuck’. Any ideas? Could this new firmware help you think?

Desperately seeking help,