What's Multisession Disc And Should I Use It?


I want to backup some games and movies. I have recently bought Nero and it enables Multisession as default, the problem is I don’t know what is it all about and whether should I use it or not.

Thanks in advance. :bow:


Multisession means you can eject the disc from the drive, and put it back in later and write more files to it. If you choose multisession, you may have problems playing back your media in some drives. Multisession should only be used if you are backing up files onto media, and you wish to add more files later. For everything else, you should refrain from using multisession.

Multisession allows files to be written to same CD/DVD at
a later date (session).

Here’s another vote for NO MULTISESSION.

I’m irked that it’s on by default in Nero. :frowning:

Hmm, so if Multisession is supported by DVD-/+R, what’s the point in having RW?

Currently, I’m backing up F.E.A.R. After creating the ISO image, I will burn it to a DVD-R disc using the “DATA” method in Nero, in addition to the latest official patches. Do you think I should enable Multisession? (Sure I’d love adding more patches later, so I won’t have to download them everytime when I install the game, but Multisession clready has some disadvantages).


Because with rw media, you can erase it, reformat it, and write on it over and over ( for a limited number of times.) With + or -r, you can only fill it up one time.

Hmm… I don’t quite get it…
But I guess that for my usage I should disable Multisession, right?
However, for infinite backups on CD/DVD-/+RW I guess I should use it, right?


I would say you COULD use it, but must RW media doesn’t give perfectly reliable results. For example, I’ve backed up my entire systems using Symantec GHOST. I backed them up to Taiyo Yuden DVD +r’s, then verified that I could access various data. It took 35 DVD’s, but I feel pretty secure that I can recreate my entire system, including the registry. I’m not sure I would trust that to RW’s. I would say that RW’s are good for maybe copying movies or other things that you might use once or twice, and then erase and reformat to use again for other movies. Kind of like using your VCR to record TV shows. Anything that you want to keep on a more perminent basis, my preference is to stay away from RW media.

I think you got me all wrong (however all of your posts are extremely helpful, thanks).

  • For movies and games I use DVD-+R only, the purpose of the thread was to know if I should enable multisession on these kind of backups. Should I? Using quality Verbatim MCC 8x.

  • For my regular yet highly important, monthly-based family pictures backups I use CD-R. Using pastel Verbatim too.

  • The only thing I use DVD-/+RW for is my personal backups, which is a very big collection of apps and utilities. I update it all the time, so hence why I use DVDRW. If I had DVD-RAM I’d use it instead. Do you think I’m doing good, and should I enable Multisession on these kind of backups?

Answering the bold questions will exhaust this thread. Thanks.

*** BTW, 35 DVD-5’s is flat out crazy. I don’t backup my whole system, I just backup the parts which are important to me, like pictures, apps, files etc.

Thanks in advance.

Good day,

for your own personel files I would say YES, I’ve used it with no probs, but for shared items or for movies or audio to be played on stand alone players I would say NO, as many players no not read multisession.

  1. Take into account I use ImgBurn only to burn DVD’s, so no multi-session here.
  2. I use my to backup my music (in addition to my apps) collection on the DVD-R too. Multisession wouldn’t matter there too because I only burn it as “DATA” in Nero.
  3. Thanks for the advice when burning music :wink:

From the other hand, multisession can lead to compatibillity issues, both OS and drive wise. Does the flat-out meaning of Multi-session is that I can add more files (game patches, for instance) to a DVD-R which was already burned?


Multisession just sucks. Multisession was invented back when a single blank CD cost a lot of money, and 650MB was a TON of space. It was felt that people would like to save money, and therefore multisession was created.

Nowadays, CD’s cost anywhere from NOTHING to about 10 cents each. Therefore, there is no need for something which was - let’s face the truth here - NEVER properly implemented across a lot of systems.

Multisession screws up ALL the time. I have a half dozen discs made by other people where the ONLY way to access the data on them is with Adaptec’s “session selector”, which is an imperfect method at best.

Just don’t use it. In fact, I need to find a way to make sure that it STOPS being the default in Nero. :frowning: