Whats is the difference between DW822A PLUS and DW822A

Somehow they are different

Appearantly the PLUS model is 8x -R. But the firmware version is also B3HC.

anyone knows more detail?

the + just comes with newer firmware that allows dvd-r 8x burns. there is not physical difference between the drives. if you notice in the U.S. benq site you can’t download B3HC firmware you have to go to other benq sites too.

Now I luckily got an 822plus.
Jamos is right.
The only difference seems to be 2 stickers. A big 888sticker on the front and a small speedsticker on the back.

The white model-sticker on the top of the paperbox and the sticker on the drive itself still say it’s a normal DW822A.
Delivered firmware was B3HC.