What's in YOUR wallet?

  • Drivers license
  • A+ certification card
  • Edmonton Oilers MasterCard and TD Visa
  • TD CanadaTrust debit card and CIBC debit card
  • Edmonton Oilers season ticket holder ID card for discounts at the souvenir shop
  • 2 TV Showcase business cards with phone numbers on the back
  • Last Call liquor store business card with more numbers on the back
  • Dentist appointment card from an appointment I went to in November 2003 (uhhh, I think I’ll throw that out)
  • SteamFlo business card (my buddy works for them)
  • old beat up phone numbers card that came with a wallet I had like 5 years ago
  • 5 folded up pieces of paper and post it notes with email addresses, websites and even more phone numbers on it
  • Last Call liquor store business card with the safe combo’s on it (I worked there 2 years ago but still have the combo’s to the safe… garbage time again)
  • Gino’s pizza slice card with 3 stamps, GrabbaJabba coffee card with 6 stamps, Carwash Express Ltd card with 1 stamp, Subway club card with 2 stamps, Extreme Pita value card with 8 stamps (only two more to a free pita!)
  • St. John Ambulance Standard First Aid and CPR card
  • Drivers Choice card (professional designated drivers)
  • Blue Cross health coverage card
  • Esso Extra and Petro-Points cards (point cards for getting gas)
  • Rogers video and Blockbuster video cards
  • Alberta healthcare card
  • Birth Certificate
  • Metis card (I’m the whitest Metis you ever met, perhaps my big toe is Metis but I still qualified for the card because my Dad had his)
  • Social Insurance card
  • Liquor Depot Club card
  • $11.15 in Canadian Tire money
  • $5.00 real money
  • Wal-Mart, Radio shack and FutureShop receipts
  • Optometrist prescription
  • 3 Calgary Transit bus tickets
  • 4 pay stubs

Do you think that perhaps it’s time to clean out my wallet? :stuck_out_tongue:

No… Why should you :wink:

I only cleaned my out a short while ago. I put the phone numebers on my computer and binned the old business cards.

  • Money. Not That Much Though.
  • Business Card. WooHoo Free Petrol.
  • 2 Debit Cards
  • Work Telephone Number
  • Driving License
  • BT Phone Card With The Rat From The Muppets On It.
  • Another BT Phone Card. Can I still Use These?
  • Protection (You Know What I Mean)
  • Mobile Phone Swip Card
  • BlockBuster Mebership Card
  • Game Reward Card
  • National Insurnace Card
  • Free Beer Card From My Holiday To Spain 4 Years Ago

Thats it. Nice and neat now.

Mine is really empty :stuck_out_tongue:

  • an…ehh… pinpas?? I donnow what it’s in english :stuck_out_tongue:
  • no money (not that I’m broke, but I never put any money in it :stuck_out_tongue: i have mine…ehh…pinpas… :p)
  • photo’s from friends and me
  • a subscription (i donnow if that’s the right word, but OK) on a swimmingpool
  • 4 icecards… You never know if you meet someone :stuck_out_tongue:
  • my schoolcard with my ‘beautiful’ photo…
  • And some good old guilders :iagree:
    So it’s real nice and clear :stuck_out_tongue:

Right now:

-ticket for free bus
-2 Debit Cards
-River Woods “loyalty card”
-driver’s license
-some shop-tickets
-€ 347.72 :slight_smile:

Wallet? I don’t need no stinking wallet!!!

In my jeans pocket, I have - Driver’s License, Debit Card, $20. And no, I don’t hang all my membership cards w/ my keychains.

If you have more than 5 items in your wallet, it’s time for a sexuality check-up, 'cause you might as well put some tampons in there.

ROFL :bow: :bow:

Should we change your username to b@d@$$? :smiley:

Anyhow… my wallet contains:

  • university cards (id card, studentclub and proof of payment)
  • copier cards
  • hospital card
  • air miles card
  • three bankcards
  • id card
  • anwb card (for dutch ppl only)
  • bizz card of www.shekina.nl
  • fitness centre card
  • bizz card of my carmechanic
  • 2 german train cards
  • driver’s license
  • old SIM card
  • €3.45
  • a bunch of receipts
  • concert cards (2x pinkpop, rammstein. fields of rock, steve vai)
  • paradiso clubcard
  • picture of my girlfriend
  • some foodcredits
    and more junk :slight_smile:

That’ll not be necessary, I hate special treatments.

kay :wink:

Let see

  • Drivers license
  • Bank/credit-card
  • Hospital-card
  • Another ID-car
  • Bus-card
  • Old library card
  • Phonecard from 1996
  • Magnifying-card
  • Stuff-for-mobile-phone-card
  • Four reciepts
  • One 100 SEK bill
  • Handful of coins
  • Sheldon High School I.D. Card
  • Wells Fargo ATM Card
  • RPM GoKart Racing Membership [raceplacemotorsports.com]
  • Best Buy Rewards Zone Card
  • Discover Platinum Credit Card
  • Bank of America Platinum Credit Card
  • Discover Standard Credit Card=
  • ATM Receipts
  • School Network Passwords and Exploit List :wink:
  • Pictures of my Girlfriend
  • PayPal/Providian Credit Card
  • My Mom’s Business Card :slight_smile:
  • Trojan Condom

I drained my money from my wallet at the mall yesterday - looks like I’m going to the ATM in a few hours, eh? :stuck_out_tongue:


  • 2 Stamps
  • Harry Potter 3 Ticket Stub [yes…GF]
  • Dave Chappelle FRONT ROW Ticket Stub [June 15]
  • Hullabaloo III Oldies Concert Ticket Stub [June 12]
  • The Producers Broadway Musical Ticket Stub [June 18]

…and that’s it :).

Maybe you should pick a girlfriend who’s older than 10 :slight_smile:

Ok ok, let me redo mine.

I have a Capital One, No Hassle Card! What’s in your wallet?

Ooooh, major burn. You gonna let him talk to you like that?

This is my wallet (except there’s no tattoo on mine) :

Currently inside :

6 euro’s in change
1 deciscion coin (yes/no) , never use it but like having it
1 coin for those shopping carts at the supermarket
health insurance card
anwb (road help) card
card for personell shop (discounts)
video rental card
domino’s discount card
visa card
bank card for atm
special duct-tape repair strip to repair my wallet


  • $50 in notes
    -Some Coinage
    -“The Official Red Dwarf Fan Club” Card
    -My ID card, issued 2002 shudders
    -My Train pass
    -2 Bus Passes
    -A Cart Racing Licence
    -A Civic Video Card
    -A peice of paper with some computer stuff on it
    -A Hungry Jacks (Aussie Burger King) voucher, buy 6 value meals, get one free. 5 STAMPED. :smiley:

I’m sorry Dansy, did you say something?? Or better yet, did you speak at all?


I was thinking exactly the same thing tonight! I didn’t see this thread then. My list is comparable to yours in length (I’ll just group the similar items) :wink:

[li]$94 cash
[/li][li]2 grocery store receipts
[/li][li]Public Library Card
[/li][li]University ID Card
[/li][li]AAA Card (I’m no longer a member, in fact)
[/li][li]Doctor’s appointment card (the visit took place 5 months ago)
[/li][li]Blue piece of paper that says “Keep this coupon” (have no idea what for)
[/li][li]2 pieces of paper from the “holiday draw”, so I won’t forget what holidays I’ll have to work this year.
[/li][li]Bookstore rewards card
[/li][li]Blockbuster (video rental) card (actually, I had one on the keychain too)
[/li][li]SmartMedia card 16 mb
[/li][li]Extra car key
[/li][li]US Driver’s license
[/li][li]Russian Driver’s license
[/li][li]3 Credit cards
[/li][li]2 Check (bank, atm) cards
[/li][li]Health Insurance MasterCard
[/li][li]Health Insurance Pharmacy Plastic card (expired)
[/li][li]Health Insurance Pharmacy paper card (current)
[/li][li]Health Insurance paper card
[/li][li]2 business cards (doctor and insurance agent)
[/li][li]3 grocery store cards (small ones, for the keychain)
[/li][li]3 pictures of my wife
[/li][li]1 playing card - Joker (just for luck)[/ul]
Yeah… it’s a little too much.