Whats in the Future

Can you leak a little info for what is in the future for DVD2one? A little hint of the features being added or bugs that are being squashed!

grasshoppers… squash all them nasty bugs lol isnt dvd2one good enough??? geez… there isnt a better program out there… just my opinion :slight_smile:

peace out!!!


Please, be objective!!!

If you said that: “you love the program, the programmer rocks, the best thing since life creation, best program out there, bla bla bla, bla bla bla”… is MEANINGLESS!!!
To prove your facts (“best program out there”) you must inform transcoding results, features, compare results with other programs, and specially testing your copy against the original with good equipment (HDTV, plasma TV, progressive DVD players, etc.)…

Just an advice…

And no, DVD2one is not good enough!!! It transcoding engine is not powerfull enough to do a decent job with large titles (larger than 6 Gb). And to make thing worst, when you use the “full-disk” option, you don’t have the ability to compress more the extras and/or remove titles to allowed more space for the main movie…
So it is really legitimate to ask: " what is in the future for DVD2one"


milkman…i can tell you have no life other than the PC life…but its cool… but if i want to say this program ROCKS!!! then by god im gonna say it!!! and MILKMAN THIS PROGRAM ROCKS!!!

@ jackyl

I agree with you, DVD2one ROCKS!!..

…for only movies under 6GB.:wink:


From the About page on www.dvd2one.com

Ideas for future V1.x versions:

[li]Split a movie over 2 disks. For those who are not willing to sacrifice any image quality.
[/li][li]Join 2 movies on 1 disk. Also very usefull for putting a flipper on 1 disk.
[/li][*]Subtitle processing tool. Change color, transparancy, location and maybe even size of the subtitles.[/ul]

That has been on the website since its inception and to date it is not incorporated. I am asking a question that you cannot answer because you do not know. This is legit and registered users want to know what the future holds for DVD2one. Interested would-be registered users want to know also. This is not a difficult question to answer, an update of what we can look forward to in the near future, not a out of reach wish list. It’s a simple question! Yes I agree DDVD2one Rocks! and I use it daily, but I still ask the question!

to answer your question in the simpliest terms… ummm…