What's HW Inclusions are missing from Win8?

What currently-available hardware isn’t supported in Win8?

USB 3.0 is one of the big additions. (Whoopee-do - what a major accomplishment.)

Vista used native SATA drivers for the first time, despite SATA’s availability for about 5 years, including the initial WinXP release. It was still too new for HW manufacturers to ‘standardize’ so, fine, XP does without.

What’s Win8 ‘doing without’?

Thunderbolt? That’s all I can think of.

Win7 no longer natively supports my precious HP Deskjet 972 - not out of the box, but a WinUpdate does that just fine. Wheee - I can still print a 22-page continuous form banner. Can any other color printer do that?!! I hope HP and Microsoft will remember this wonderful feature. I hate the idea of pulling out Okidatas again just to do Birthday Banners. And in only B&W? As Jack Bruce once sang, “What a bringdown…”

I’m also interested to know what directions you think that the WinOS will go to next? Is this becoming the Next Ubuntu, where every new release drops a new UI onto us? Vista changed from XP-2000-98-95. Win7 kept most of that. Now 8’s got the MetroModern schtick.

I get the feeling MS will change this again, and soon. The Classic Interface went thru four iterations (plus several Server releases).

The Vista-7 Horrible Start Button UI lasted two (but at least it included the Classic UI, and argument could be made that it’s nearly 95-ish, but still not as customizable as even 95 was).

Now that “Horrible Start Button” is gone.

What’s next? I think “new UI” will be part of Win9, or else Win9 might be the battlefield for a greater competition for our UI twitches. Gotta have, gotta try, gotta gotta gotta…