Whats he done now?

Okay i have a friend (honest its not me i have the 24103s) he bought a 24102b locally in november of last year and has been happy as larry burning…

now yesterday i went to install a DVD proggy (WinDVD) on his system i installed through his CD-RW without any problems…

went home and a few hours later i had to go round as he couldn’t ‘backup’ some cds…

Nero says “Insert Original Media” so i insert the media i am going to copy (tried any cd that had data on, but the tray just ejected the lot).

Read from the Liteon DVD 16x 48x drive got to 100% and inserted the blank CD-R into the Liteon CD-RW…



5mins later no light came on

WTF has this guy done??

He cant really have a virus as he doesnt have net access at home and most things are scanned anyway, i cannot get the CD-RW to read ANY cds (gonna try the Cd-RW in another comp tonight) can anyone suggest something? other than buying a new one as he lost the reciept might flash firmware but this might not help…

Think i don’t get is its been working fine alongside the liteon DVD drive for months!

anyone heard of this happening?? a drive cant just die like that can it?

the BIOS detects it on startup too

CD-RW (2nd Master)
DVD (2nd Slave)

What OS? Win XP have a known problem with this.

Have your tried to uninstall windvd? (maybe that caused it?)

Yes try the drive in another computer :wink:

Or try to disconnect it, power up computer then switch off and reconnect it…do that help?

Windows 98SE in both machines

i tried the plextor 121032 IDE that i sold him and it works fine

the Liteon don’t work in the other comp at all… (just detected by BIOS and Win but cannot read anything)

Just emailled Liteon for RMA as the local dealer told the guy either

  1. Give us your Drive and we will send it off and you will have to wait till it comes back (well why not give him a replacement drive fool!!!).


  1. he sends it back himself to Liteon

He should have got his from dabs like i did with my 24103s :smiley: