What's happening to this disc - discolouration

While dusting off my game collection, I noticed a weird uneven discolouration near the hub of one the discs. This is a pressed CD, specifically Master of Orion 2 (though I don’t think that’s relevant). I don’t think it was like this when I first got it.

It seems to read OK for now, but it’s something I’ve never seen before, so I hope maybe someone here has and could tell me what’s going on with it.

I’ve attached a scan of the disc. It shows a the discolouration near the hub quite well, and despite the hue of the disc in the scan, it’s a pressed CD and looks silver. I’ve cleaned it, so it’s not a grease smudge, it’s actually in the disc.


looks like there was some contamination when the disc was made and that a chemical reaction has started. had the same thing happen to one of my dvd’s. its unplayable now :frowning:

best make a backup if its still readable.


I had already backed up the disc as a precaution, but I was curious what was going on with it. Never encountered anything like it before – at least not on my originals.

From the picture the discolouration looks a bit like an air bubble - wonder if the disc is starting to de-laminate and some air has got in between the two layers?

It may be DVD rot.

So crap. Burnt discs last longer hahaha

How has this disc been stored?

In original jewel case, on a shelf, vertically. The jewel case was sandwiched among others on a bookshelf. The room is air conditioned in summer, and heated in winter. Last time I took the disc out to play it was maybe 2 years ago. This seems to be the only disc in my collection that has anything like this.