Whats Happened to Chat?

every time I go there …it less and less people…and those in there are just logging chat and not actually there…

so have you all forgot we have an IRC chat ???

I went there. No-one talked to me and then someone was rude to me.

So I gave up.

haha when was that dude

About 4 days ago.

i didn’t see ya. It was probably natoma

Give me their nicks and i’ll make SURE they won’t do that again…!!! Messing with a Womble is serious business… :flower:

Last time I tried to enter in chat someone kicked me off four times. After that I gave up :wink:

oh you liked that kick…admit it…:wink:


Great fishes kills your all!

Any of you on there now?

I am … but everyone else is asleep :stuck_out_tongue:


:eek: it’s completely different. Last time I tried to enter in chat there was a different interface

[23:49] <Chriso> !seen Boobies
[23:49] <JuPiLeR> I found 430 matches to your query; please refine it to see any output.

Is this SS’s fault? :iagree:


nu huh…i still have my bewbies thank ya very much…


I didnt know there was a chat room like that. I was thinking about that the other day. But if there is rude people there I wouldnt want to go there anyway.

theres just one psycho dude who starts every conversation with
Point is…
just ignore him…