Whats happened to cdcovers.cc?

this site will not load for me any1 else with this prob?

top bar loads fine, rest of the site does not.
maybe a server update, just wait an hour :wink:

this has been going all day last 4 hours for me

Works fine here! :iagree:

working again, too

still wont 4 me only loads the top bar click on covers and it takes for eva

i got the same problem here too
hope it will comeback to life

It loads normal here.
No problems.

loads fine

Congratulations Hemi…
I wish you a long and prosperous medical career.

Loads for me in firefox, will not in Maxthon.

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Τhanx mate :slight_smile: Its been almost a year now but nevertheless… The site got that big that i rarely meet people i know anymore :stuck_out_tongue:

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I have also tried to get to cd covers with both internet explorer and also with firefox to noavail. It appears as though they have been forced off air. I only got a small sample of the reply. Who are they hurting: sad: