Whats going on?

Just installed aopen crw2440. Did not hook up audio cable. The unit will not produce sound when reading audio cd’s,which is what I expected. However it will play sound off of a game cd. How is this possible?? A friend with a Yahama burner tells me that his will play audio cd’s without a sound cable installed.

he play audio via digital bus,not analog connection

when you grab audio track…same way,just play it

normally we use audio connection to audio card but sometime ago
M$ have made some speakers system that can sound without any sound card,just USB connection (i have one in my stand,sound very good)

only one problem:using usb bus i give a lot of load to my system (PIII 1000)
then music go out of syncro.:mad:

result: i use my speakers with standard audio connection,M$ no build more this speakers.

we have also (spdif) digital outputs for audio,but this is for AC3 system (encoder,decoder,etc…):eek:

thank you for your reply, but I dont understand. There is no digital or usb connection. Anyone else a suggestion?

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Anyone else a suggestion?
Yes connect your audio cable to a different plug on your soundcard. Usually there are more than one on a card and you have to find the right one. Open your case and check if you have connected the audio cable correctly to your drive. Now use the other end to find the correct plug on the sound-card. I did this myself once by turning on the pc, start playing an audio CD and simply check which port gave me sound :slight_smile:

The reason games do produce sound is because they use the software for playing. Audio discs can be played directly via your drives digital out (but also via software though…)

In addition to the previous posts:

If you have Nero, you can test it for your self.

Choose: CD-Recorder->Save track (with audio cd inserted)

Now you can listen to a selected track before saving. When the option ‘output way’ has ‘analog’ selected, you need the cable between your cd-player and soundcard. But when you have ‘digital’ selected, you don’t need this cable anymore! The music is digitally extracted and transported over a system-bus to your soundcard, where it is played (I think…)