What's going on with my 3550?



Ok guys, no idea what’s wrong here, but every burn I’ve been doing as of late has looked like this…

It’s all good until the very end where the PI error’s just skyrocket. You can see I’m using Yuden T03’s which are good media and it’s no matter what speed I burn at.

I used to use the Yuden T02’s (8x Fujis) and they could always finish with a 95+ score. Ever since then it’s been downhill.

Any idea’s what could possible be wrong?


Most probable cause is fake TY media or a bad batch… :frowning:
What’s the brand or source of these T03? Unbranded? Verbatim? Panasonic? What shop?

Could also be that your 3550 starts having issues, either with burning or reading. To exclude reading issues, re-scan a couple of your T02.


I just installed my NEC 3550 yesterday (bought it in August) and I noticed this with my Verbatim’s which I got from Buy.com. I installed new firmware and will try tomorrow morning to see if that alleviates the errors. I think it is just an issue with the decoding, so I will mess with some settings, too.


Got the 03’s from RIMA, the unbranded ones. So I know they’re not fake. Why it started doing this tho, I have no idea…


From Rima, I guess not, indeed. :wink: - so investigate the other possibilities. Good luck.