Whats going on here with my burns

Scanned with my banq burned with new LG GSA-E10L . Im out of words

I believe BenQ drive can show somewhat screwy results of discs burned on later LG drives (don’t know about the most recent LGs, but the x10x is definitely one of the ones BenQ shows strange results with).

Try a TRT :slight_smile:


Transfer Rate Test.

does nero scan even have that?

Yes. With the Benchmark tab open, go to the “Run Test” drop-down menu. You’ll see it there.

nice :smiley: dont worry too much about the scans if its TRT’ing like that imo :slight_smile:

Yep, that is a really nice TRT :iagree:


If I remember from your previous posts, you have a Sony DVD-ROM, any possibility of a TRT on that drive?

wait i think i screwed up , Should the TRT be done on the LG burner since it was burned with it.

Not necessarily :)…I’d do a TRT on your pickiest drive, which may be the DVD-ROM as TL0 mentioned :wink:

I dont know… I scanned it with my sony dvd-rom drive and it gave me crazy disc quality scan results similar to those I posted on top…

Try performing a Transfer Rate Test (Benchmark tab) on your Sony drive, and post the result here.

ok here is the scan with the sony:

quality scan with sony:


Just to be sure…this disc doesn’t have a label stuck on it does it?


I wouldn’t take much notice of the Sony Quality Scan if that was me, I’d trust the TRTs.

Another real-world test is how well it plays back on a standalone.


Your DVD-ROM drive is a rebadged Lite-ON SOHD-16P9S, it should be possible to crossflash the drive with a patched Lite-ON firmware which will remove the riplock & allow 16x reading on the drive.

I find 8x reading to be of less value than faster reading speeds for TRT as some marginal discs can pass fine at 8x, but show issues at higher speeds.

If you are interested in crossflashing the DVD-ROM drive, this site has the required files: