What's goin on with making backups for me PS2?



I have looked at the previous thread about ps2 game burning but didn’t really help with my problem. I have clone cd, a freecom classic external dvd-rw and have just purchased swap magic 3.6 with a fliptop for my ps2. I tried copying a game (gta san andreas) last night (onto a dvd-rw disc if that makes any difference?) and when i tried to load it up in my ps2 it said this is not a valid ps2 disc. Firstly i just did a straight copy using clone cd and when this didnt work i tried again, reading it to an image file then writing the image file, this didn’t work either so i am a bit stumped. I have read that some ps2 games are cd and others dvd-rom, does this mean clone cd cannot copy dvd games, only cd based ones? Any advice on where i am going wrong would be helpful.
Burga :slight_smile: