What's durability of Plextor (Taiyo Yuden), MMore cdr's? Safe for important backups?


I was wondering if anybody knows what the durability is of quality cdr media like Plextor (which is Taiyo Yuden I believe) and MMore (which uses its own Protection System against UV). Which is the best one when it comes to durability of data by the way?

What I want to know, are these media safe for backup of important data, like once written will the data stay on there forever if you handle your media with care (keep it well in its case in a dry place etc…), or is it so that after some years the data will become less readible or something, even with those quality brands?! Anybody knows more about this cause I want to know if it cdr media is safe for backup of important data.

Oh, and what about the durability of single and double layer (!) dvd media? Which brands and types (dvd+r, dvd-r, dvd+rw, etc…) are recommended?!

PS: in an article here they mention regarding cdr media that the dye that holds the information is unstable and that time alone will cause the dye to fade or to grow opaque. That doesn’t sound great! They also mention that apparently certain manufacturers claim durability of 100 year (well, that’s enough for me) but the article doubts this so what about all this?! Which manufacturers claim this by the way cause I have never seen that mentioned? Anybody has any other info about all this cause I would really like to know more about this?!

Anybody knows any safer media to backup important data to by the way? A harddisk has a limited lifespan (how long?) I believe so that’s not it, so what do you do with your most important data?!

Durability is totally relative. Stored in ideal conditions and never used, they all should hold up well. This topic is far too complex for one thread, and has been widely discussed before. But to summarize, there are 2 main types of CDR, cyanine and phthalocyanine, and they have different characteristics when subjected to light and heat. Cyanine is more likely to degrade under heat and light, but either will hold up well under ideal storage conditions.

DVD’s are another thing entirely, and little is known about them. But logic and common sense tells us that since the data is 6 times more dense, degradation is more likely.

Data is not backed up if you only have only one copy, and optical media has never been proven to be archival-appropriate. Magnetic discs (hard drive), are as reliable as anything we’ve seen, if they’re not running 24/7. But again, no one storage medium is “safe”.

“What I want to know, are these media safe for backup of important data”

Short answer: yes they probably are.

Long answer:

  1. Read the C’t study transcription, there’s a link at the end of my sig. Look at the scans in the “blank media tests” section of this forum.

  2. Even the best DVDs are not as reliable as tape backups.

  3. The most reliable disc in terms of longevity seem to be the Verbatim 8X DVD-R (MCC 02RG20). Mmore seems to be another “best choice” for longevity.

  4. Even the best discs will wear out if stocked in bad conditions.

About CD-R’s.

It’s been quite some time that I’ve seen some tests.
But in 16x tests MMORE MBIL disc’s turned problematic after 2 years (REAL TIME, NORMAL STORRAGE CONDITIONS (dark closet,normal room conditions))
Now MBIL has improved much still I wouldn’t trust there cd-r’s important data.

“Now MBIL has improved much still I wouldn’t trust there cd-r’s important data.”

:iagree: Yeah, about CD-Rs I have no idea either. Their latest DVDs passed the torture test (heat and humidity) from C’t and were clearly among the best. Doesn’t mean their CD-Rs are of the same quality.