What's different in verbatim qualified +R DL media?

I was browsing thru some DL media (at newegg) and noticed that verbatim +R DL 3 packs are refered as qualified media while the 10 pack ones not.

anyway, to make a long story short.

are these from the same manufacturer or do are the 3 pack ones of higher quality than the 10 pack ones?

You mean, this: “Get a Free 25PK CDR Media w/Purchase of Qualified Verbatim Blank Media”?

It’s only an unfortunate way of saying that the purchase of a 3-pack of +R DL gets you a free 25-pack of CDs if you remember to add that to the shopping cart. They meant a qualifying, or eligible purchase. That’s all.

well, what got my wheels turning was this review about the 10pack

Not same as 3-pack Verbatim (correction)

Comments: These may have the same media ID as Verbatim DVD+R DL 3-pks, but they aren’t the same. I’ve seen consistently worse quality with the 10-pks. In Nero DVD speed, 10-pk media gives quality score of 82-88… More »
while 3-pk gives 95-96. PIE max is 62-79 with the 10-pk and 14-16 with 3-pk. PIF max is 17-19 for the 10-pk and 7-9 for the 3-pk. I’m using Pioneer and BenQ drives with BenQ for scans. Don’t get me wrong. The 10-packs are still still pretty good and better than the competition. But if you want maximum quality, get the more expensive 3-pks.

so I thought the qualified thing meant higher quality media.

Hmm, that is strange as they are both Singapour made MKM 001 discs. I was curious about that myself so I ran it through DVD info pro and got the exact same basic info as I did with the discs that come in the 3 packs.

for sure, the 3packs seems to be a little more expensive than the 10 pack, 9 dvds in 3pack units cost nearly 30 dollars.

anyway, it should be better than the ridata DL offerings…