What's difference between these 2 type of Cd-R?

this is not the same topic as another 1 that I posted weeks ago.


from the above link, 3rd one from the top is the Taiyo Yuden That’s CD at 48X, price at 2112 (2218 in red) yen.

The 2nd one from the bottom is also Taiyo Yuden That’s CD at 40X, price at 1600 (1680 in red) yen.

what is the difference between these 2, besides the speed? As the price difference is double.

From what Google translate tells me the 3rd one from the top is a TY Ceramic CD-R (it has a “toughness” coating) while the other is plain inkjet printable. Discs with “extra protection” or “hardcoat treatment” layers are naturally more expensive than plain non-protected discs.

TY’s Ceramic treatment is good. :slight_smile: Some say it’s not as tough as compared to Verbatim’s “Crystal” treatment, but I still say it’s better than having no protection at all. :stuck_out_tongue:

I guess I’m not going to save the extra money then. Thanks for helping out