Whats causing the freezes?

AMD Duron 1.3GHz
120 Gb
XP Pro
(i forget the name of the RE-Writer)

using DVD Decrypter, DVD Shrink, and Alcohol 120% for burning images.

I cant figure this out for the life of me. I would copy a DVD5 or DVD9 disk with no errors what so ever. absoultely no bad sectors, no reading errors. But then when i play it both in my DVD RW drive and in my Samsung DVD player in my room it gives me 1/2 second freezes. Before i had read something about DVD Shrink doing this, so i thought that was the culprit until i burned a disk that didnt need compression at all… still the same result. Could it be my both players? i doubt my Re-Writer is faulty. Or could it by my hardware? Still that wouldnt explain the freezes on my home DVD player. whats causing this? :confused:

oh yeah, i have the latest version of all the software i own.

What kind of brand is your media and at what speed to you burn your dvds?

optorite dd0401 dvd+rw

i burn @ 2x

no name brand… could that be the problem? i never would have suspected the disks.

could be a media quality issue. who manufactured your dvds? you can find that out with DVD Identifier.

Originally posted by AZImmortal
could be a media quality issue. who manufactured your dvds? you can find that out with DVD Identifier.

get this now… my optorite is on the fritz. so i cant even check the dvds. its not recognizing anything i put in the drive. i’m gonna take it back to the reseller on monday.

did anyone else have this problem with optorite? im really fond of this burner… i hope its not a normal occurence.

if u take a look at the media forums in the recording hardware sections, u’ll see that the media is nearly the most important element in all this. Optorite doesn’t score particularly well, and neither does other no name stuff. Different writers like different media, but then again, u do have some media that’s just plain bad. Take a look in the hardware forums and see which media give the best results for ur burner and give that a shot. But a rule of thumb is to stay away from no name stuff as dvds arent as tolerant as cds where any piece of plastic would do.

good info booma… thanks.

i thought my optorite was good… i guess not.

just for clarity - the drive itself is good.
I saw the bit about ‘my optorite is on the fritz’ and that was right after Azimmortal asked u for the brand of the discs.
By seeing optowrite, I thought u meant u found out that ur discs were from the opto-line (like optodisc) and those are pieces o crap. Just try and feed it some good media, and u should be fine.

i used nero info tool to check the brand of the disc since it had no name on it or on the spindle… all that came up was 4.7 gb… no name popped up in the media catagory. strange huh? i exchanged my dvd drive and i’ve only burned 3 dvds since. i havent reviewed them yet. (why would my optorite just stop reading dvds all of a sudden… that scares me) but anyway, i’ll try to change the media to see if i get better results.

where would i go to see which disks are good for my optorite?

p.s. thanks to everyone for their help. especially booma.

no probs for the help.

don’t crosspost, u’ll get warnings from mods and one of the threads will be closed - its against forum rules.

for discs, u really cant go wrong with fuji, maxell, verbatim, datasafe, arita, traxdata, that’s.
u can’t go wrong with those. I am a bit disappointed that u went and got another 50 pack of the same media tho. just do a search hear with the appropriate keywords.

different media. cant remember which brand… it was a phone order and i was in a rush.