Whats bruner is better to buy

I looking to buy a bruner. What one is better??

LG GSA-H42N 18x DVD-Writer

Samsung SH-S182 18x DVD-Writer

Haven’t tried the LG, but from what I’ve read here, it’s a good drive.

I love my Samsung SH-S182D, it’s a brilliant drive, even at 18x on all flavours of Verbatim (MCC004) media. It’ll also burn lesser media that my other drives won’t, and it’s also a great reader for damaged or deteriorated discs.

Maybe some LG H42N owners can chime in :slight_smile:

Both are excellent.
If you want quality scanning, I would recommend you getting the Samsung or even better a LiteOn LH-(18/20)A1(P/H), as the LG doesn’t support it.

Get the H42N if you want good solid burns and don’t care about scanning. Otherwise go with the LiteOn 18A1P/20A1H/20A1P or the Samsung 182D/182M/S183L with quality scanning.

I do like my Samsung 182D, but many drives including mine do not scan well which is annoying. I would suggest getting the 182M lightscribe as this model is known to be more reliable as a scanner.

I do not have a 42N so cannot comment.

Would you guys buy a likw-new Samsung 182D for $20CND?

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Would you guys buy a likw-new Samsung 182D for $20CND?
With new burner prices being so low it’s not worth buying second user ones I don’t think.

What about SONY DRU-800A or Sony DRU-820A

The Sony DRU-800A is a LiteOn SOHW-1693S.
It is really outdated. Stay away unless you’re either looking for trouble or can get it really cheap.

The Sony DRU-820A is a BenQ DW1670.
It’s outdated as well.

Both the 18x Samsung and LG are better choices :slight_smile: