Whats better S or W

which one is better 40125S or 40125W, i know that the 40125W does p-CAV and the 40125S does Z-clv, But what is better a P-CAV drive or a Z-CLV drive??? Or has anybody got a link explaining the differences?

Check out the FAQ.

I am using the 40125S. I think that it is greatly misunderstood. The “S” version of the drive DOES support P-Cav, all you need is to download the free firmware update from www.liteonit.com .

second, the differences;
Z-CLV (Zoned Constant Linear Velocity) devides the CD into several different zones (in the case of this drive 20x, 24x, 32x, and 40x.

Because the drive would have to spin so fast to write at 40x on the inside of the disc, it starts burning at 20x, to prevent errors, and then changes speeds at pre-defined times in the disc. (I think that this drive speeds up to 24x at 6 minutes, 32x at 16 minutes and 40x at 50 minutes, but that might be wrong.)

P-CAV, on the other hand (stands for Partially Constant Angular Velocity. btw) gradually changes speeds throughout the writing process. P-CAV usually results in a faster adverage write.

Now here’s the debate, Some manufacturers (Eg, Yamaha) suggest that using the Zoned burning method can result in errors because the drive stops writing while it speeds up the RPM, then starts again, thus there is a possibility that the data will not be correctly “linked” resulting in a “Linking Error”.

Because P-CAV does not have to stop writing, there is not this possibility but people also say that because the laser has to change power constantly, there is an increased chance for error.

In my opinion, you will be happy with whichever writing method you go with. Right now I have a liteon 40125s that I upgraded to firmware XS0J. The burn looks to be of better quality because the color of the CD-R does not change any more, after updating to the XS0J firmware. XS0J adds the P-CAV writing method to the 40125S drive. I have seen one time where on a Zoned drive the drive locked when the speed started to change. I don’t think that this problem could happen with a P-CAV drive.

I think that for my own use, I will be staying with P-CAV from now on, if for nothing else, the decreased write times. I do however, think that any drive from LiteON will be as accurate as anything else, maybe more so.

For some reason ?If I use anything other than ZS0A firmware the drives stops seeing CDRW’s, it’s NOT the software it’s the drive(the green light just blinks away) so I’m really stuck at zs0a. Or maybe return the drive and get one that does support P-CAV.

Also Anybody know of a program that shows if your drive is either P-CAV ot Z-CLV

And maybe, just maybe, the W version might be overclockable to the 48/24/48? :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, I know OC-Freak said that the 48/24/48 uses the 6W chipset. But there’s always hope. :smiley:

BTW, I have a 32125W. If someone can send me the bin file for the 48/24/48, I’m willing to try…

Nero CD Speed in your Nero Toolkit will do that test. Just put in a blank CD and hit the test button. ZS0A is Z-CLV and ZS0J is P-CAV. When you tested with Nero’ InCD was it the only packet writing software installed on your computer at that time. If not you might try uninstalling the other/s and reinstall InCD. Sometimes they won’t peacefully coexist. Are you using fresh CDRW media or trying to write already formatted ones? I am grasping at straws here as my 40125S updated with ZS0J firmware writes to CDRW with drag and drop ease using Nero’s InCD. :cool: