Whats better quality?

So whats the better quality?

TO copy a DVD and take out all the features to fit a 4.7GB DVD and have the quality at 65%(thats what it said on clone DVD2). This movie was Crash. Or is it better to download a DIvx version and then convert it ack to DVD format and burn to a dvd?

Which would would be the better quality? Thanks I know it’s probably a dumb question but I thought it’s always to have the copied DVD version. Asking becuase I have fit 2 movies on a DVD with Divx and if the quality is the same I may as well use the Divx over the copied DVD

Impossible to answer with certainty without knowing the quality of the Divx transfer such as it’s bitrate and resolution. Having said that, you’ll almost certainly end up with better quality from the DVD itself. If the Divx file was very high bitrate and 720x480 resolution, you might get a better result from the Divx file, but neither of those are likely at all.

One problem with converting from the Divx file to a DVD format is that you will then have done two conversions, from DVD to divx back to DVD, while with the DVD it would only be one encoding step. It’s always bad to go through multiple encodings if you can avoid it, as well as changing resolutions as will likely be the case (the divx file has probably been lowered in resolution from the original DVD). Without getting overly complicated about it, you’ll almost certainly be better off from the DVD. I could then get into how using something as DVD Shrink with Deep Analysis and AEC or DVD Rebuilder would yield even better results than Clone, but I won’t go there.

In the end, do whatever you’re happy with. If you’re happy with two converted Divx movies onto one DVD, that’s fine. My standards are higher than that and I would not be happy with the resulting quality, but if you are happy with it, great. If that’s the case, you should just get a DVD player that plays Divx files such as a Philips DVP642 and then you can just burn several divx files straight to a DVD with zero conversion.

use DVD shrink with DVD rebuilder on what the Divx ot the DVD copy becuase I do have both. I’d like to know what to do. I want the best quality possible.

Best quality possible? If all that you want is the movie itself, use DVD Rebuilder on the movie only, from the original DVD.

well best quality for a urned DVD is what I meant.

DVD Rebuilder Re-encodes the video. DVD Shrink and CloneDVD are Transcoders. Used properly, any decent encoder will beat a transcoder for quality. The rule applies here as well, use DVD Rebuilder if quality is your primary concern and are willing to wait longer for the conversion.

Depends on what encoder you use with DVD Rebuilder. If you set it up to use HC or CCE, then it re-encodes, but it also comes with a transcoder called QuEnc.

For best quality you should buy the original. :stuck_out_tongue:

And downloading and using such a movie is against the law. :cop: