What's better NEC 2510a or Liteon 851?

I want to make movies and backup games. How picky is the NEC 2510 when it comes to DVD media? I know that LIteon is picky on cheap media but is NEC the same?
For DVD media is NEC better?
I guess NEC is not two sheep right?
I also have Liteon 52x cd-r/rw should I keep that or replace it with NEC and use it’s CD-r capabilities?

The NEC-2500A and NEC-2510A are probably the best writers when it comes to writing to DVD media, especially the cheap variety, however you will need to keep your LiteOn 52x cd-r/rw for CDs. You should buy decent media though, the NEC writes to that even better.

The NEC is not picky with media at all. It writes to even cheap media with a decent (often very good) quality.

The only media that the drive has problems with is Ritek DVD-R, especially Ritek G04. Because of the variable quality found in Ritek media lately, you could experience the problem or never see it. The last pieces of Ritek G04 media that I had left over from when they were first released burned beautifully for me. Many people report that Ritek G04 media that they are getting now burns terribly.

So other than Ritek, you should be able to get good burns from pretty much any media (and quite possibly with Ritek media as well).

And while you could replace your Lite-On CD-R drive, the NEC burns CD-R media at a slower speed (32x) so if that is a problem, keep the Lite-On drive as well.

Furthermore, the NEC can’t do game backup like the LiteOn. So if you get the NEC, you pretty much have to keep your LiteOn CD burner.

With good media, NEC and LiteOn actually burns them with comparable quality. LiteOn is picky with the cheap stuff. And with enough hacking to the firmware, the LiteOn is starting to approach NEC quality levels on more media types. Though NEC has a huge head start in the firmware hacking dept. so the hacked NEC firmwares tend to be better refined.

As far as media burning specifications are concerned, the 2510 is the clear winner.
It supports 8X DVD-R, and 2.4X DVD+R DL, which the 851 drive does not.