What's better media DVD+R or DVD-R

I’ve read that the best media is from Japan.
However, if I use high quality media from the same Japanese manufacuter
will I see a differnce in quality between DVD+R and DVD-R or are both equal in terms of quality?

If I have a choice am I better of using DVD+R because it’s a newer / better format?


It depends. Get FujiFilm’s that are made in Japan. They are manufactured by TY, which is the best there is.

Whether or not getting -r or +r is better, you would have to see which is best for your player. Read some reviews on your player at www.vcdhelp.com

Most people would say TY is equal whether in +R or -R. The difference comes down to burner preferences or personal bias.


Does this mean that any blank media that has a label Made In Japan is made by TY?

no, but any “made in japan” media should be good quality.

Also, if you stick with TY (other than some problems with the Fuji brand) you should be fairly sure of getting high quality. These days, it only costs a little bit more.

Let me rephrase,

Does made in Japan mean made by TY,
and labeled as TY, and sometime relabeled as Fuji or others?

TY is not the only manufacturer in Japan, just the best. I have some other Japanease brand called Unifino and they are not as good as scans I have seen by TY.

I am not sure what ou are asking, but TY is made in Japan. TY is not sold labeled as TY through retail outlets, at least not in the US. Some brands such as Fuji, Maxell, and JVC will often sell TY under their own label, often not. The way most people try to get TY through retail outlets is to look for “Made in Japan”. This is much more likely to be TY, if not it will still be high quality.

As a lot of junk brands will also sell phoney TY using a TY media code, this is a way to protect yourself from buying junk. Almost all conterfeit is from Hong Kong.

For me, this is too much work and doesn’t save money because of all the middle man markup. I just buy TY from Rima and the like.

Can junk with a phoney TY media code also have a made in Japan label.
If so, then I’m assuming that the best way to go is rima, or supermediastore.
However, do you sometimes get phoney TY from rima or supermediastore?

So far, there has been no fake TY sold in the US as genuine TY other than on Ebay. Fakes here are sold under house brands and are not represented as TY media. They just use the TY code. As such, they have not yet tried to violate federal law by faking the country of origin.

Lets not forget RICOHJPN, another quality MID. Here in Aus I get them as TDK+ or TTGO2 which is TDK-, both made in Japan, both have produced excellent results for me.

Be nice if we got TY here, I’d love to compare.

+R is better. :slight_smile:

That may not be true for his DVD player. +R is just more compatible with more DVD players. However, my portable DVD player had trouble reading +r media.

Another question.
What is going on when my DVD recorder defaults to writing a DVD at 12X when the DVD is labeled as a 8X?

Is this information coded into the firmware?
Or does the DVD player read / test something on the disk to indicate what speed it can write at. I’m assuming the same is true when you load a 4X DVD blank media and the recorder only records at 2X.

If this is a firmware attribute, I guess it’s important to load the latest firmware for my drive.

It is as you said; some factory firmware is higher than that for which the media is rated and some media labels are lower than the media rating. Sometimes the label is smarter and sometimes the firmware is smarter. If you can scan the results you can decide for yourself which one is right. Ritek R03 is the best example. Depending on what you believe and what burner you use it is rated for 4X 6X 8X or 12X. It is generally considered to be 8X.

You are correct on the first part. However, I disagree with the second statement. For DVD Players a quality +R or -R disc are about equally compatible.

DVD-R is just superior.

DVD -R is better than +R. Except when +R is better than -R. But then other times -R is better than +R. Unless, of course, +R is better than -R. Now I hope that is perfectly clear. -R is better than +R and +R is better than -R.

Got it? That is as clear and as absolute an answer as you will ever get. Truth?
I use both. There is no difference. Get a player that plays everything and buy quality.

Well look at that…I am a Die Hard. :slight_smile:

-R is better.