What's Best Simple Software to Edit a DVD

I have a major presentation to give to a large audience and I want to include several short 1 -2 minute video clips from a DVD.

Can anyone tell me the best software (cheap, easy to use, even trial offer/share ware) that I can use to edit the DVD — pull half a dozen short video clips off of a DVD — and burn onto another DVD so I can use it during my presentation?

I am desperate.

Thank you, thank you, thank you if you can!!!

dvd shrink can do that and its free, check out the help guides at videohelp.com

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DVD Shrink should do waht you want. http://www.dvdshrink.org/what.html

Don’t worry about the shrink but - just start shrink - open the DVD and then go to Re-author. add the program bit that you want and then look for the icon
( 2 arrows ) which will let you set start and end points.

Do this seberal times to get the clips you want and then burn to a dvd

good luck

read part 1 to get your video clips click
guide to adding clips together click

Thank you!

I did everything AKO instructed - but at the very last step discovered that it appears you have to have NERO as your burning software.

I have SONIC. Does it mean that after editing all the pieces I cannot now burn them onto a DVD?

Can I not use Sonic? Is NERO madatory???

no nero is not nesesary, when you click backup select save as iso image. then you can burn with sonic or (my preference) dvddecrypter which is avalible from doom9.org & free.

Saving as an ISO and burning with DVD Decrypter or Imgburn gives a much better burn than I have ever been able to get with Nero