What's best ? pioner ? LG or NEC?

What is actually the best burner ? pioneer 107D ? NEC ND2500 or LG GSA 4082B ? I’ve got an Emprex but I’m not satisfied with it at all ? i’ve got cheap medias (Datawrite Red V2 AN35) but my Emprex does not even recognize them.

Thanks for any replies

from what I’ve been reading, the best “cheap media” drive seems to be the NEC. I own the Pioneer DVR107D, tho. So I have no direct experience. The Liteon 812s is rated highly as a great all-round drive, but is best fed with quality media. The Pioneer wants decent media too, tho I haven’t verified this either 'cause all the media I feed it is quality :wink: This thread basically sums up the word on the street:

If it’s simply between LG or NEC, I’d recommend ND-2500A over GSA-4082B. Wider compatibility and lower price.

ok thanks i hope other people will help me in this thread

The pioneer does well to! but really with the third party support and bitsetting with upgraded firmware the nec is the best out now in my opinion too.

buy the nec!
its the first choice!great performance and great price!

I got the NEC2500A and apart from soem minor problems like the HD LED coming on whenever there is activity with the DVD Writer, it works great!

I haven’t had one burn’t DVD-R yet with a bad sector in DvdInfoPro.

For $22 more you can get the 2510A, so you might want to consider that. It’s out now.

What about write quality? I know with stock the LG is supposed to be better than the NEC (according to the 'ct results) - do the third party firmwares improve the NEC significantly?

(And slightly off topic, but how much better is the 4120 over the 4082?)

Writing quality depends on the media used. MCC02 RG20 8x DVD-Rs burn better on the Pioneer than on the NEC. Taiyo Yuden TYG01 4x DVD-Rs, however, burn better on the NEC than on the Pioneer. Generally, lower quality media burns much better on the NEC than on either the Pioneer or LG. So my conclusion is . . . every drive has it’s own strengths and weaknesses.


LG ODD drives are designed by Hitachi in Tokyo. LG does the other side of the chain, namely, marketing, production, and retail.

I’m not aware of 'ct results with “third-party” (by which you mean Herrie?) firmware.

(4120 is better than 4082 from what I’ve seen. LG forum’s just a click away.)

If you’re considering the C’t results then you need to consider the BenQ DW822A or DW830A.