What's best dvd and cd for 4550a?



anyone could suggest me what dvd or cd to buy for my writer?and some good online shop?thanks to everyone :slight_smile:

p.s. of course i mean cd and dvd with a good price-quality ratio :slight_smile:


For almost any DVD burner the best media is Verbatim or Taiyo Yuden. Applies to both DVD & CD media.

For rewritables it’s Verbatim for both.


+1 for ty and verb’s.


I prefer Verbatim over TY at least on +R


Apart from the usual Verbatim/MCC and Taiyo Yuden*, Imation-branded MBIPG101 R04 (8X +R) give outstanding results in the 4550. It also does very well with premium CMCMAG E01 (HP-branded for instance).

The 4550 is an outstanding CD burner, great for audio if you burn @8X/12X (very low and constant jitter). It handles extremely well any decent CDR disc, but of course the best results are from TY CDRs. :cool:

    • I personally don’t recommend TY -R for DVD, despite great scans they’re IMO very overrated for overall quality. The +R (YUDEN000T02, YUDEN000T03) are much tougher discs. If you like -R, Verbatim is better (still IMO) - MCC03 RG20.


very professional answers…thanks to everyone…and does anyone know any good online shop?


Depends where in the world you are.


Europe: SVP
Other areas: ask in the blank media section if you don’t get useful hints here :wink: (we have knowledgable members from India, Taiwan, Australia, Japan… :cool: )