Whats best brand of cdrw



Hello everyone ,
In the opinion of the cd freaks experts what do you think is the best cdrw media ? Its a very short list because no one makes cdrw media looks like
I have no idea why but try to find cdrw in best buy, circuit city , compusa and the office supply stores and all you see is dvd r and cd r and dvd rw but hardly ever see cdrw’s on the shelves except memorex , they are everywhere but I do not want memorex cdrw’s , I want something real good and do not care about the price …
Personally my inclination is to say these two brands verbatim data life and TDK are the best cdrw’s you can buy . Am I correct in my assessment ?


Verbatim - the best CD-RW media by a long shot in my opinion.


What about cd-r’s, as i’ve just been given 100 of them (Verbatim Datalife)


datalife = cmc


Agreed! :iagree:


Ok thanks guys , I wasn’t sure if it was TDK or Verbatim data life
I know where to get them … From microcenter online store best place for them

My data backup plan was to do an intial backup and then do the add new files backups a few times a week and then after about three months or so toss the disk out and start a brand new one with the initial burn and then the incremental backups and keep doing it that way , I checked off MRW by the way , I wonder if that will make my data backups on the disc more reliable ( I guess I am using inCD because nero is the default program ?? but I guess now I am using both inCD plus MRW format.
Anyway I am a begginer and was using nero express for backups but I like sonic record now better , it has fewer options but its seems to be faster and less options and less complicated ,even tho I do completely understand how nero express works


Thanks guys really appreciate it


Maxell CDRW will generally be Mitsubishi as well.


I’ve been very happy with the OLD Ricoh 4X disks I have, but aside from that, I really can’t comment other than to say the khypermedia CDRW’s I have are crapping out not from being used alot, (less than 5 writes each), but from the dye crapping out.