Whats ASPI please

I heard a lot of people talking about installing a aspi layer on there computer if you have a burner.
I have nero 5.5.82 and the latest clone cd and dont have an aspi thing installed,i dont have any problems.
What does this aspi thing do and do i need or does somebody recommend me having this?
PS my burner is 40125s with zsoj.
Thanx in advance
Madeth Maketh.
My os is windows xp pro.

As stated many many many MANY times before, hence the purpose of the Search function.

It allows for the software and hardware to communicate.
For more deatails do a search.

if you can burn cd’s without problems, there is no need to install aspi drivers

i did a search and read a few posts about aspi,i dont have any burner probs so ill stay away from it.
Than God.
Thanx for info u guys.:bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: