Whats all this zebra talk?

i have a 411s and often have problems with glitches and skipping when i burn movies, whats funny though is it only gets these errors when i burn from hard drive but it will always work perfect if it burns on the fly. anyways i read some posts where people were talking about zebra mods and how it helps their burns. can anyone tell me a little about it? thanks

Hi there! I am zebra…

Please head over here:


Your questions will be answered… :wink:

thank you!

hey zebra i read all the instructions and registered but it will not let me sign in when i go to click download v4. can i get this mod somewhere else?

Disable your firewall and try again. It also wants a passward so make sure it allows you to eneter one when asked. You might also want to try a different browser then IE like NetScape or Opera or whatever, I had to do all that but I got my copy finally.

cool thanks i found the problem

ok im afraid of making mistakes when i try to flash my drive because i dont wanna mess it up so i just want a a little help to make sure im donig this correctly.

in the instructions it says to…
“Open the patcher (patcher.exe) from the command line. Have a copy of your original EEPROM in the same DIR as the patcher.exe”
my question is what do they mean by command line?

and in the next instruction is says “Run the patch tool on the EEPROM by calling the patcher at command line”
im just sure what exactly to do. sorry for the dumb questions and i hope you can help!

nevermind i got it to work!