Whats all the fuss about sd 2 and up

my lite on burner 48125w and my toshiba 1612 have no trouble
burning and playing all the latest protections…im a big gamer and fifa 2003, mohaa… bf1942 and any other sd2 versions get eaten alive when i use clonecd…i dont have aspis installed on my win xp and i burn slow…maybe that makes the difference but for now all i need is clonecd, for me no other software necessary…long live clonecd

Well, Fifa 2003 is Safedisc 2.8, meaning most people were unable to copy it using Clone CD, I was one of them. However, some people have been lucky, apparently you are one of them.

good question funkengruven2.
i haven’t had any problems yet copying BF1942, MOHAA, NFSHP2, 007 Nightfire, or any other Safedisc 2 protected game using my Lite-On 40125S and CloneCD version
all my backups work perfect.

Well, people say that Clone CD is good for Safedisc 2.8. But as I stated earlier, people have had problems with it, including me, so don’t think for one second that such a problem doesn’t exist for others.