What's about this DVDR?

HI everyone, i don’t know how is this DVD-R. my burner is PX-712A, I use the soft to test the disc, the result is in attachment.but i am wonder what is meaning for two long lines , the red one and green one. need you help, thanks. and how is this disc good or bad?

hm… does kprobe actually work properly with plextor writers? i thought plextor have their own tools (plextools).

no kprobe not work for plextor, but the DVD+R i burned with plextor, testing for lite-on DVD-ROM. So i don’t understand the test meaning, for two long line.

You should not use Kprobe with a DVD-ROM drive. Kprobe is desgned to work with burners only.

ok, i got! thanks a lot! i am come from china, i don’t know how much is px-712a ?

you CAN use k-probe on a lite-on dvdrom, but u need to download cdbremse and lock the drive’s speed @ 4x. Also, you should download the latest version of k-probe.

As said yopu should better use kprobe with a dvd recorder. The 2 lines are just spikes that you shouldnt take under consideration.

@Kunkin since you have a plextor drive you can ues Plextools to scan your disk from your Plextor drive…probably the most accurate for you.

That seems interesting. Plextor drives have their own PlexTools, but would Kprobe work with PX drives too ? After all, they have almost the same mechanical system…

thanks, i also use plextools to test the DVD disc, but you know two soft have different
result, which soft is be trust or nicety. i like burning disc, before i used PX-712A, my burner are px-708A, i find the PX-708A better than PX-712A, how do you think?

i am glad to this forum, a lot of expert in here. so i check the thread here really a lot of knowledge to learn. thanks, again.

in this forum i find all the people discuss the brand with Taiyo Yudens, unfortunately in china market can’t find this brand, in my plextor burn only one disc with Taiyo Yudens.
in china i find more disc with brand plasm, few to see disc made in taiwang, just like ritek, (here most of RITEK disc made in china, so the quality is not good).