What's a sony dual rw drive do?

WHAT do I do with a sony external DVD/CD Rewritable drive? It comes with toast 6 light software. My husband bought it and then got deployed and now I don’t know what to do with it! Someone please help me! :confused:

What do you want to do? An external burner can do anything that an internal drive can do…burn data to cds or dvds, burn dvd or svcd videos to disk or play dvds.

Since you mention Toast 6, I assume you are using a Mac? The last Apple computer I used is now an antique, so I can’t help much, but the drive should be recognized by the computer simply by hooking up a usb or firewire cable to the drive and into the computer.

I’m trying to back up some of my favorite DVDs, but I’m not sure how to do it and I wondered if I should be using it instead of my internal drive. I have an iMac OSX. I get my videos downloaded onto my hard drive, but then I get stuck as to what to do next.

Oh, and what’s an svcd video?

What have you used to break encryption on the disks, MactheRipper? Just curious.

If you have dvd video on the hard drive now, you may have to compress it so that it will fit onto a dvd recordable disk. Some of the tools you can use for this on Macs are Roxio Popcorn, DVD2one and DVDRemaster. I believe Toast can do this too, but I don’t know if it is included with your older, “lite” version. If there is a free equivalent to DVDShrink in the Mac operating system, I don’t know of it…but I am very uninformed on Apple software I’m afraid.

Once you have it to the size that will fit on a dvdr, burn to the disk with Toast. You could use dual layer media and usually be able to skip the compression step, but dual layer media is expensive and probably has less longevity than regular single layer dvdr media. If you do use dual layer, only buy Verbatim +R DL disks.

And since you’re interested, here is a description of svcd: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SVCD Slightly higher quality than a regular video cd, but not nearly as good as dvd standards.

Thanks for all your helpful advice. I’ll give it a try and see what happens. :smiley: