Whats a good software for music

hi am looking for a good software for ripping and burning music cds all in one software for window 7

That’s really three separate functions. Ripping I use CDEx, Storing and Sorting WinAmp and burning (which I currently do very little of) ImgBurn. Although if I wanted all-in-one the $15 version of WinAmp would get my vote.

ok thanks olyteddy will try winamp is nero any good

Edit : winamp looks to me like a media player

EAC will do all three also.

Not a Nero fan .

I don’t have a WinAmp pro version but if olyteddy says it will do all three it probably will.

Even though EAC will burn I also prefer ImgBurn.

thanks but EAC is a exact audio copy of a cd but would it exact them in mp3

[QUOTE=mike160;2674592]would it exact them in mp3[/QUOTE]

First I’m going to answer what you asked.
[B]NO [/B]it will not [B]EXACT[/B] them in .mp3

Now I will answer what I think you meant to ask.

Will EAC [B]extract [/B]an Audio CD to .mp3

Yes if set up correctly .

If you are going to burn what EAC rips as a backup to an Audio CD .
You want the ripped files as .wav or FLAC.

If your goal is to create a data CD with many .mp3’s then it is better to rip as .mp3.

ok thanks