What's a good secondary dvd-rom for my Nec 3500?

What’s a good secondary dvd-rom for my Nec 3500? Perferred to be used as a ripper and other useful things.

http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=56253&highlight=afreey This almost helped but failed. I’m looking for a straight answer.


I use both the AOpen 1648/aap and /aap Pro and both are very good and very fast readers and rippers-

If you are in US - can be had from www.newegg.com for like $25 plus shipping-


The Aopens mentioned by Bigmike seem to do extremely well when combined with a 3500. Some users in other threads report on-the-fly copy times under 7 minutes.

Also, the LiteOn 165/166/167 seem to be very good. I have a LiteOn JLMS XJ-HD165H myself and I have no complaints, except for the noise.

I have a LiteOn and a AOpen - I prefer the latter.

the Aopen has a good error correction and is working very well with my NEC 3500AG

Yes, I would too… But I had the LiteOn before I bought my first DVD writer :frowning:

The AOpen drives seem to be a popular choice for this task.
The Liteon 167 is also a good ripper.
If you were to add a second burner. The NEC drives perform very well on single layer discs. An impressive 6:08 was obtained on a recent “on the Fly” copy test on a pressed DVD-Video in this review
NEC drives are slow for DL media though :frowning:

Yes, the Aopen is great! :bow:

For more information on it:

Wow, Dee responded to my post. I feel like I am floating. Aopen it is. I used to have a Afreey, and it made me mad. Thanks people.

Hope you don’t have an nForce based mainboard, because some people are reporting problems with the AOpen and this chipsets (nForce 2/3/4). Read the thread mentioned by Pianoman for more info. Sometimes the problems can be solved, but not always.

Perhaps a second burner is a bit excessive - then again maybe not.

There’s a new BenQ 1620 firmware patch that turns that drive into a ripping monster!

Read this:


and the whole thread begins here:


Spartane - The AOpen isn’t a burner. I just wanted a co-pilot for my Nec 3500.
Squirrel - I got a MSI K8T Neo mobo.

I know.

I have both the BenQ 1620 and the NEC 3500 drives in my system, so I thought I’d point this out.

With the read patch, the BenQ now makes one heck of a good co-pilot. But as I originally stated, perhaps it is a bit excessive!

Well it’s always better to have 2 burners than 1… =)

I’m agree with the 2 previous posts ^

Let’s stay on the Dvd-Rom topic here guys. If no one else has any reason I shouldn’t get AOpen, speak now or hold their peace.

I’m not saying don’t get one but if you are interested in quality testing and speed ripping the BenQ is a good choice plus with NEC doing quality testing soon both is a good pair. A DVD-ROM wont give good results for testing. That’s all. Your $ and you can spend it how ever you like. I’ve read the Aopen is a great reader.

You’re probably right that the BenQ 1620 is a better scanner than the AOpen 1648, but the latter is not too bad.