Whats a good scanner in comb w/pionneer 111d

been told my pioneer 111d@1.23 firmware is not a great scanner(reader) for dvd’s been getting some errors on my discs but the movies play just fine…what would be recommended addition to what i have…not going to get rid of the pioneer i like it but would like to find something else for the reading purposes and to take stress off the pioneer

BenQ 1650 and 1655 are great scanners.

Are you looking for dvd burner or just dvd reader?

LiteOn. I’d be lost without a Litey in either of my PCs to scan with. They’re excellent readers, and the two I have are great burners in their own right, too. :slight_smile:

was just on new egg…are u kidding me their burners are really that cheap…damn no more going to best buy if thats true…

BenQ Black 16X DVD+R 8X DVD+RW 8X DVD+R DL 16X DVD-R 6X DVD-RW 16X DVD-ROM 48X CD-R 32X CD-RW 48X CD-ROM 2M Cache ATA/ATAPI 16X DVD±R DVD Burner With exclusive SolidBurn Technology - OEM

is this the version yall or talking about…

I too have a 111d, and am on the same quest as are you.

I had almost decided on a Liteon 6s series for reading, but QC seems to be a problem if newegg reviews count.

I’m now considering a BenQ 1650, although I don’t know that it’s really the reading specialist I am looking for. But I do know it’s a very good all 'round drive.

For media burned with a Pioneer, you will get a more reliable result if it’s scan with a Lite-On compared with a BenQ. A BenQ tends to be sensitive with a high jitter burn as found in Pioneer and some other drives, especially high speed burns (12x and 16x).

However, if you get a BenQ drive, you will take the stress off the Pioneer even more since the drive is also a great burner and very fast reader. :slight_smile:

Should Pio master, BQ slave work OK?

thank you ZEVIA… been seeing alot more from other users on the lite-on…well once this weeks check hits i’ll go for the lite-on and see shoot for the price new egg has them for its worth the shot…appreciate the advice i hope to let u know soon INKBLOT hopefully in a couple weeks if you haven’t already done it…thanks again guys

so Inkblot will get a BenQ and UMKANE a Lite-On. Nice, hehe. :slight_smile:

Inkblot, that should be OK, since the Pioneer is UMDA4 and the BenQ is UDMA2.

yeah well will i but heads with the lite-on :)… kinda fun huh zevia well see what happens just gotta get paid first…

Just one thing to consider Umkane.

I am tempted myself to try a Liteon, but read alot of the reviews at www.newegg.com first - seem to be too many problems these days.

The retail BenQ 1650 with s/w et al can be had for $40.00 after $20.00 rebate at Comp USA through the 15th, July 2006.

It’s a rebadge for a Norwood micro, and must say dw1650 (or 1640) on the box - above the bar code. That’s a BQ.

It’s a better drive in general, very close in quality to the Pio. I’m hoping between the 2 of them I can read most any scratchy disc, and they both certainly can write well.

i hear ya too there bud i’ve been leaning toward the benq myself been reading some too and its gotta be better than our pioneer as a ripper/scanner…it’ll be a couple weeks before i order (got them bills to pay) but if you do get one 1st let me know bud…thanks man…PEACE

Pio master, BQ slave