Whats a good optical drive according to my needs

Basically i want a drive that is good for reading, burning and possibly ripping, mainly cd-r, dvd+r, and possibly dvd+R dl. Right now i have a liteon 832s and it is constantly dying out on me on every other burn so i just want to get rid of it and get a new drive. I not a big fan of firmware hacking and such anymore, i just want a good optical drive that can function at its best without screwing so a lot of the technical stuff (firmware upgrades are okay). The brand of media that is compatible doesnt matter, perferbly the top grade ones, such as ty, ricoh, etc. Anything along those lines or better would be great. thanks

1655 would be my first choice in that list!

I really dont feel like getting another lite-on unless they’ve become like the leading manufacture in optical drives and they uped their quality, but other than that im trying to stay away from liteons. I dont have to tiem to read all the reviews so someone please just give me some suggestions. thanks

Benq 1650 / 1655.

here you go you can find reviews for all of them 1650/1655/110D/110/4550/1693/P6/1935S/4197 HERE

You really have to look hard to find a drive that will perform poorly on quality media today. They are out there but not in the major 7 names. What you should look at, in order, is the media you will be using, whether you want bitsetting, scanning ability, hackable firmware support, RAM, and Lightscribe. Prioritize these things and a choice of drives will just pop out for you.