What's a good mp3 ripper?

Audiocatalist can be leeched overhere:

Psychodad rocks!!!

I was wondering whats a good mp3 ripper, prefreably a free one (or at least one that has a crack or serial at http://astalavista.box.sk/)II) was looking into that Streambox one but I wasn’t able to locate a serial for the version that was avaliable for download.

AudioCatalyst 2.1 works great. It’s one of the fastest around. It’s from Xing.

Don’t know where to get it though.

Good Luck,

pSyChO dAd


this also a very fast mp3 ripper,
it’s a all-in-one ; player, ripper, converter, …

At first I thought the version I downloded didn’t work but I soon figurerd I had to disable the CD burrner so it would read the CD from the regulaur CD-ROM drive. Now I have it up and running, Thanks guys.