What's a good modchip forum?



I found a DMS forum, but I need to talk about neo12 and mars3. Does anybody know a good forum? Thanks in advance.


Why not ask here or if you just want a modchip forum try here


or you could try here to but you have to register with them to see all the forums
but their is quite alot of information there


Here ya go madmax,
I went to install a NEO12 on my buddy’s v9. Without reading the instructions fully, I applied hot glue and stuck it. But then I saw I was supposed to tin the bottom pads and mount directly to the board. D’oh! Long story short, I rigged it up anyway since it was stuck. (I thought of using a blowdryer later that night) Powered up, cd tray shot out immediately, no display at all. Opened it up, 2 things: (1)power and two signal cables had been mashed somewhat…its possible they didn’t short, but I could see the wire under a thin remains of insulation in one spot. (2)Its possible that I bridged some pads directly underneath the chip when I rigged it. Of particular suspicion would be the short, braided wire I used for ground. One little strand could have been on a neighboring pad. I’m sure I didn’t totally bridge the piss out of everything, I’m not a novice solderer. I removed the glue with the blowdryer and re-mounted it correctly, replaced said wires from problem 1).
Now the ps2 won’t play any discs at all: I hear no activity in the drive. I double-checked the ribbon cable connections.


ide try modchip-store.co.uk