What's a good media player that plays most basic formats (WMV, FLV, VOB, MP4, etc)?

I’m looking for a home standalone media player (that plugs into the TV) that can play media files. I don’t care about DVD, streaming or any other internet/network access. I just want it to play without skipping or freezing. It seems that most of these players cannot handle basic formats like WMV, FLV, or MP4. I also need it to have the 3 composite plugs (yellow, red, white) to stick into my old TV.

I have been reading reviews on Amazon. The only good one I found doesn’t have the yellow video composite plug :frowning: (it had the red and white ones though :doh: ).

MKV and HD file playback would be nice, but not a deal breaker.

I have a WD TV Live Hub and it woks great playing all my files. Try looking at the Western Digital site for more info.

The WDTV live and live plus have all that on the dongle thing that plugs in as far as I remember from my live. If your network is up to snuff and everything working right they play most any file you can come up with properly. They are reasonably price too and have a great online hacking community that keeps adding extra features and fixing issues.
I’m really glad I bought my live last year for around 119 and I’m pretty sure you can find the newer live plus for the same price.
They do HD and MKV and have Svideo, component, composite, and HDMI outputs plus digital optical out too. you just have to share folders on a drive on your PC through the network or add a USB drive and off you go pretty much.
There are other very similar boxes for the same price or more so it’s just a matter of doing some research and picking one but I love the hacked FW for my live so I’m sticking with it.

[QUOTE=Aftershock;2564116]I have a WD TV Live Hub and it woks great playing all my files. Try looking at the Western Digital site for more info.[/QUOTE]

Thanks for the info. Unfortunately it does not play FLV:

The WMV9 is a plus though. I guess I would have to get another machine to play WMV8 and all the other WMVs. And another machine for FLVs. I guess I can keep stacking media players on top of each other until I go broke or run out space. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh, I forgot I have Svideo too! I have a wacky, unstable, slow, constantly dropping out, free wifi connection, so I’m not counting on any internetwork thingy functioning reliably, although it would be a nice bonus. Good they have composite a/v though. :slight_smile:

Well the live only officially supports wired networking but I’m pretty sure with the right extras you can get it to do wireless. I’ll have to see if I have any FLV files but I do know it plays MKV files well.
I’ve also used it to play DTS audio files which I guess makes sense but I didn’t know it supported them. I have a few DTS CD rips and it plays them fine if I let the receiver pick up the DTS and play it back. Poke around here http://forum.wdlxtv.com/ and you’ll learn about all the various versions of their players and what they can do with the hacked firmwares, or even ask your question again and somebody there will have better answers for you.

I tried a FLV file of a walk-through of Call of prypiyat and it played perfectly out here from the network so I’d bet they work on the plus and probably the hub too so that might be another point in it’s favor for you.
The Hub has NO hacks for it yet becuase Western Digital decided to lock down the firmware on that one so if anyone tries to add any extras it detects it and disables a bunch of goodies if the hacked stuff sounds like something you’d want.
The Hub does come with a hard drive installed and has a bunch of new features the others didn’t have but for now nobody can add anything new to it besides WD:doh: