Whats a good dvd+/-R for a sony dru-710a?

just wondering what a good dvd+/-R would be that works in most players? I was using memorex dvd+r’s but as of late the disks wont work in my players? had to switch to sony dvd+r’s but they only work in some players.

Step 1: update your firmware
Step 2: use DVD+R with a DVD-ROM Book Type for the best compatibility in standalone players

In addition it should be noted that your drive is in fact a re-badged Lite-On so figure out which Lite-On model it is and then go with Lite-On firmware as there are far more options than what Sony labeled stuff has to offer.

You can’t go wrong with Taiyo Yuden…

I just recently install new dvd burner, liteon 1693S, and having problems copying dvd. I have used optorite drive and never had a problem. I am using I Copy DVD’S 2 and AnyDvd. The drive I am reading from is Liteon 1697, and after the read it just says movie was copied sucessfully, but nothing was burned to the DVD burner. Pleas Help