What's a good DL Media Option for 1640?



Here’s what i found at rima.com:

Verbatim DVD+R Double Layer 8.5GB, 2.4X , $4.60 ea., 3-Pack (95014)
Code: 1790
Price: $13.80

Ritek RiData DVD+R 8.5GB, DL, 2.4X, $3.80 ea., 5-Pack
Code: 1723
Price: $19.00

Should I get the RiTek?


Only if you like making frisbees!

In the CD Freaks Bargain Basement is a thread for the Verb’s 10 pack @ $29.95 and free shipping. And a coupon to make the end price even less.



I would go for Verbatim because Ritek D01 isn’t really known for good quality.
Plus, these Verbatims can go up to 8x on a 1640 :slight_smile:


Verbatim is the only choice for DL media. If there is a Staples near by, run to them. They are closing out all Verbatim media, DL’s are $5.50 per 3 pk. If the sales people don’t know about it, insist that they scan it. One of the stores had no clue, but the headquartes puts the prices in on their network. I bought 6 3 pks. and 9 10 pks of 16x media ($2.50 per 10 pk, that’s right $2.50).