Whats a dvd recorder?

i burn ALOT of dvd movies using pc. Im wondering if its possible to copy dvds using a recorder. I dont know anyone who has a recorder or what they can really do. But if it could be a good alternative to copying dvds using my pioneer burner. I keep having problems with playing the burnt discs, sometimes they freeze. Its becoming harder for me to identify the source of the problems with burning.

Freezing of the playback is usually associated with poor DVD blank media. This will happen whether it’s a PC or a standalone burner. What brand of blanks are you using?

ive gone through a few different brands such as benq and this tevion (cheapy one). Ive switched to TDK dvd+R 16x. I do a high volume of burning and most of the time the discs work fine. Ive found that the burnt disc will work fine in some dvd players but in others it freezes or doesnt play properly. And sometimes the dvd players that work fine are always the newer or better models.
Can you use a recorder to copy dvd movies?

I wouldn’t recommend it - “copying” a DVD using a recorder would be the same as copying a video - play/record, with analog conversion losses