What's a beer cost?

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What’s a beer cost in Dusseldorf? :slight_smile:

In Sydney, Australia, you can pick them up for $2.60au a schooner (sometimes more, sometimes less), or $1.51 Euro (at current exchange rate 1au=0.58Euro).

Also, in Australia, it’s not customary to tip, as our “minimum” wages here are higher, in comparison to many countries, unless of course your barmaid has larger than normal mammaries, or you are desperately trying to get lucky.

You should also note what a tip costs!

that’s cheap. 5-6 us$ for me

A bottle of local beer will cost about $3.50 CAD (lets say about $3.00 USD).

Debro’s $2.60 price is for a glass of beer at a pub. A bottle of beer is around $4-5.

@Debro people are PAID to do a job that’s why they don’t get tips here

A little over US$1 for 500ml OB beer bottle. Most part of the beer price is tax here.

about $2.50 in a bar for me

EUR 1 - EUR 2 in the Netherlands, depending on the place (and time: happy hours)…

Don’t know for Düsseldorf, I can ask my friend, he lives there.

Tips are not required or expected, but well appreciated (usually by rounding the amount payable)

A bottle of beer is around $4-5.
Your talking Airports, Hotels, Restaurants, Night Clubs…etc, mostly touristy places. Now I dont know about you but I drink at a pub/club, go to B.Y.O. Restaurants and buy my beer from a bottleshop.

@Debro people are PAID to do a job that’s why they don’t get tips here
I give my locals a tip now and then, not every drink or night I go for one. They do a great job putting up with assholes, being understaffed, and getting 12 bucks an hour. Tips shouldnt matter on what people get paid anyways. If they do a good job, and I have a good night then I can live with parting with a couple of bucks.

It really can vary, cant it. The lowest I have paid for a beer was about 28 cents per 12oz can (passing through colorado). Thats the least I have paid anywhere. Then again, a decade ago, kegs at a rave, much cheaper… To be young again… Then again, where did you get it. When in college, went to the ocean club in oklahoma (not sure where in oklahoma, I was driven (somewhere in tulsa though). Beers were only 3.50 For domestic piss water (not bad, Really high class club (thought thier status dropped I’m guessing when the cops mace )actually peper spray cause mace is ilegal)a bunch of people trying to get into a private limo, cause they got into a fight earlier. That was pretty fun to see.
Edit, 5$ for a beer, beter be a fun place (that or more in an arcade). It’s one of those per hour arcades. Been in places more expensive that that but really, they offer premium beer (not miller or bud domestic crap). THey may charge 8$ + but you get special beer (if you really appreciate the flavor of beer, you know what I mean. Still, order a bud, you still pay 8$.

Here in Copenhagen it’s About 2,30 EUR (3,80 AUD, 3,00 USD) per bottle in places where common man goes.

Edit: one bottle = 0,33 L

In Finland we pay around 3,50-4,50 EUR/0,5l in a bar and a cheap sixpack (6x0.33l) costs about 4 euros in stores.

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Aluminum cans or bottles?

Just curious, does it make much of a diffrence thier? Where i’m at (In Texas) bottles is just slightlly more expensive than canned though they try gimiks like long necks to charge more. I remember in Utah that bottles used to be more expensive (when I was younger) but miller high life (not mgd) was cheap in bottles and they tried to compete with ice beers and stuff but bud, mgd, coors etc. was still high in bottles )as much as 1.5x the price of cans).

Millers MGD bottle £2.30 - £2.60 in a pub
In a nightclub £3.40 - £4.10 per bottle :eek:

app. 2.50 for 0.5l in the pub and app. 0.7 € per bottle in the store

in portugal ,
a beer is 2-3 € in a bar / pub
a guiness is about 5€ (1 pint)

in a pub its around £2.20 a pint, or £5 for 6 cans from the off-licence.

So we’ve got the cheapest beer in Holland?

A standard 640ml of local Tiger beer (bottle) cost S$4.80 or US$2.90/2.25euro in Singapore.