Whatif your being hacked?

Hello y’all ,
A friend of me has problems with his computer .Some weird stuff is happening .The cd-rom is opening by itself , the start button dissapears …
Could it be a hacker or has he got a screwed up system ?
Recentelly I gave him ATGUARD and the weird stuff stopped for a while but it began again.
If it’s a hacker , what’s the best way to stop him ? What are the bst firewalls ? Where can I get them ?How can you track a hacker ?
Thanx to everybody who supports me !

This is most likely one of those little pesky joke progz, download Anti Viral Toolkit Pro, it can probably track it down and get rid of it.

the best anti trojan tool (Hackers usually use trojans to “access” other PCs) is called The Cleaner. You can find some serials around to pass the trial version.
I downloaded at www.moosoft.Com
look with astalavista for the serial

Tich, thanks for the link, very handy tool…